The current U.S. soccer environment is a pay-to-play structure. If you can't pay, you won't have access to a more competitive pathway especially if your school does not offer organized soccer. Not only is this not an equitable environment, many kids who may have great potential will be left on the sidelines. Elsewhere around the world, it's cheaper if not free.

Too many kids don't have access or the means to participate.

Steve Cavalier decided to do something about this. And so in the fall of 2015, he started a free pilot program with the help of a current Board member.

As time went on, Steve was able to add another site. However, it became apparent that with growth came the need for an organized effort. Thus, Future Soccer Stars Foundation (Future Soccer Stars, FSS) was created.

Our mission: Through the sport of soccer, inspire kids to believe and invest in themselves.

Our vision: Helping kids get a shot on goals.

The organization has experienced great support from the community and hopes to continue its reach.

However, FSS is not a soccer club.

And the free programs we produce are not just about kicking the ball around. The coaches we employ are U.S. Soccer Federation-licensed coaches. While they will introduce, teach, and help children enjoy the game, they will also be promoting some of the same life lessons they would teach players at the highest levels.

FSS' programs are currently hosted by 8 sites in the city of Wilmington, Delaware, including a home at an elite sports complex, and plans to add more in the coming years.

Stay tuned!

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