Below are links to articles exploring the reasons why Future Soccer Stars Foundation was created, some of the issues confronting soccer in the US, other efforts similar to ours, and some of the ways FSS is trying to help solve the growing accessibility problem. This page will archive the most recent and relevant news we come across so please check back.

August 15, 2019: "Alex Morgan says pay-to-play is hurting soccer in the US. Is she right?: The USA striker thinks the model for young players in America is broken. But figures such as MLS commissioner Don Garber disagree." Steve Brenner, The Guardian.

October 10, 2018: "U.S. soccer’s new generation of players are more diverse than ever." Kevin Baxter, Republican American.

August 14, 2018: "US soccer and the continued failure of its pay-to-play model." Mark Zeigler, Chicago Tribune.

June 17, 2018: "I've Got Some Things to Say." Romelu Lukaku, The Players’ Tribune.

April 18, 2018: "Atlanta's subway soccer fields: the 'crazy' idea breaking down barriers -- A radical idea to build a five-a-side pitch into an Atlanta subway station is enlivening once-dead plaza space while bringing the sport to underserved communities – and more are on the way." Matthew Hall, The Guardian.

February 15, 2018: "The Community That Soccer Built." Timothy A. Schuler, Landscape Architecture Magazine.

February 7, 2018: "Urban Initiatives' Soccer Ball scores big for at-risk kids." Candace Jordan, Chicago Tribune.

December 30, 2017: COMMENTARY: "Soccer in the inner cities, the missing link between recreational and competitive soccer." Ahmet Guvener, SoccerAmerica.

November 30, 2017: "Portland Community Football Club aims to make soccer accessible to all." Katelyn Best, SBNation: Stumptown Footy.

November 24, 2017: "Former Right to Dream player Fifi Baiden to launch foundation with soccer tournament and marathon."

November 22, 2017: "Kevin Payne: Coaches and parents are the keys to growing American soccer." Jared Young, SBNation: Stars and Stripes.

November 8, 2017: "Dreaming of fields: Locals fight for athletics to curb youth violence while Santa Maria's soccer complex plans stall." Kasey Bubnash, Santa Maria Sun.

October 31, 2017: "Nick Lusson, California coach brings sheriff's program to under-served, addresses solutions for pay-to-play and soccer's arms race." Mike Woitalla, SoccerAmerica.

October 29, 2017: "In D.C., a small step toward tackling U.S. youth soccer’s accessibility problem." Steven Goff, The Washington Post.

October 20, 2017: "Local, national figures seek way forward for grassroots soccer in United States." Chris Lillstrung, The News-Herald.

October 15, 2017: COMMENTARY -- "Is compensation from pros to U.S. youth clubs on the horizon? Attorney Lance Reich provides an update on the quest." Mike Woitalla, Soccer America Confidential.

October 13, 2017: "How we get from nowhere to winning the World Cup, Pt. 1," and "How we get from nowhere to winning the World Cup, Pt.2." rapidsrabbi, SBNation: Burgundy Wave.

October 13, 2017: "Until youth soccer is fixed, US men’s national team is destined to fail." Rick Eckstein, The Conversation.

October 13, 2017: "How Many Howards and Dempseys Are the US Losing Due to Pay to Play?" Peter Staunton, Goal.

September 28, 2017: "What's Lost When Only Rich Kids Play Sports: The income disparity in youth athletics has effects on health and success that stretch far into adulthood." Linda Flanagan,  The Atlantic.

September 25, 2017: "Coach aims to give more kids opportunity to play soccer." Faran Fagen, Special to The Palm Beach Post.

September 2, 2017: "Belmont soccer players still living the dream.Tom Archdeacon, Dayton Daily News.

August 25, 2017: "Growing up in high poverty area, they say they were saved by soccer, faith and a coach." Emmanuel Morgan, The Charlotte Observer.

July 2, 2017: "Soccer Academy Reaches Across Border to Nurture Young Players." Vincent M. Mallozzi, The New York Times.

June 15, 2017: Our own Steve Cavalier is quoted in the article, "Technique Matters: When Should It Be Emphasized In Youth Soccer?" Sean Jensen, US Club Soccer.

June 2, 2017: "Premier League Proving Grounds -- Ball courts and cages in London are a hotbed of soccer talent, the kind that could change the way England plays the game." Rory Smith, The New York Times.

May 7, 2017: VIDEO -- "Twellman: U.S. Soccer Needs To Address ‘Pay-To-Play’ System." ESPN FC.

November 29, 2016: "Can futsal deliver a world-class US soccer star from the inner city? -- The game in America is geared towards kids who can afford to pay-to-play. But the five-a-side game popular in Brazil could help develop the USA’s Messi." Bryan Kay, The Guardian.

June 1, 2016: "'It’s only working for the white kids': American soccer's diversity problem -- Football is the world’s great democratic game. But in the US success is often determined by the wealth of a player’s parents." Les Carpenter, The Guardian.

March 16, 2016: "Why can't the United States develop a male soccer star?" Elliott Turner, The Guardian.

June 5, 2015: "How soccer helps boost inner-city diversity." Omar Sacirbey, The Boston Globe.

January 15, 2014: "Futsal, soccer in miniature, gains ground at L.A. parks.Paresh Dave, Los Angeles Times.

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